bicotex is the first full-cycle microfiber production plant in Russia

We produce threads, fabrics and finished products for various categories of the FMCG market. It is very important for us to fill the domestic market with not just high-quality, but innovative products. We are open to everyone and ready for cooperation and new achievements!

Our company mission
Мы делаем мир чище и уютнее. Являясь единственным производителем полного цикла в РФ, мы создаем уникальные продукты для улучшения повседневной жизни наших клиентов.

We are still at the beginning of our journey and are only now writing our story!

We invite you to join this exciting journey. Together we will achieve high results through well-coordinated work and trust



Приобретение участка


Реконструкция и ремонт




Выход производства на запланированные мощности

Регистрация юридического лица ООО«Микрофибра»

Приобретен земельный участок 10Га для организации производства.
Компании присвоен статус «Резидент ТОСЭР».

Выполнены основные работы по реконструкции производственного цеха.
Произведен ремонт в первой части офисного здания.
Выполнен капитальный ремонт для организации швейного цеха.
Введены в эксплуатацию линии и сопутствующего оборудования по упаковке.

Осуществлен ребрендинг ООО «Микрофибра» на ООО «БИКОТЕКС» (bicotex)
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Официальное открытие завода. Выход на запланированные мощности

Get to know our team better

bicotex is a responsible partner

By becoming our partner, we guarantee:
  • Quality

    Progress does not stand still. Modern people strive to optimize processes in order to save their precious time. Evolutionary solutions have reached cleaning products and await you on store shelves under the ecotex brand.
  • Service

    We know excellently our partner`s goals and aims. We understand how to build cooperation with them so that our partnership will solve the most of their objectives
  • Logistics

    Logistics chains have been built from production to shipping and unloading of goods to partners. This allows us to reduce product costs and eliminate downtime and other losses.
  • Lean production

    We regularly improve and improve production processes with care and conservation of natural resources.
We are always open to cooperation
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