Вся продукция bicotex производится на европейском оборудовании с соблюдением мировых стандартов качества
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    Spinning of textile grade yarns is performed from certified polymers by bicomponent and monocomponent methods. Before the granulate turns to yarn, it goes through stages from melting of granules to shaping of yarns with subsequent drawing and spooling

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    Нить сформована. Наступил этап ее текстурирования. Выдерживая весь технологический процесс, нить обретает все требуемые физико-механические свойства и готова к созданию полотна

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    Warping and warpknitting

    To achieve a high quality of fabric, we use the technology of warping yarns into the warp ends, followed by warpknitting fabrics of different width, density and type

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    It`s the stage, when fabric takes colour. Our palette is multi-faceted. It includes vibrant colors and pastel shades. Only by following the technological process we get a pure colour and required properties of fabric

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    Finishing of fabric

    Touching the microfiber fabric, which has passed all stages of production using mature technology, you will definitely feel it`s softness and silkiness. It is the step that we achieve these fabric properties


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    Automatic cutting line

    At this stage laps of fabric enter longitudinal and cross cutting line. We quickly turn the lap of fabric to napkin on the fine-gauge equipment, after that we launch the cut to edging and then get finished item. It is highly important for us to make the manufactured product eco-friendly, so we have launched an advanced technology of fabric`s edging: ultrasonic line. Products with such edge treatment are recyclable and reuse raw materials


Quality control

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    В лаборатории специалисты производят контроль качества нитей и полотна
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